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The Dead File

A Candidate Goldmine At Your Fingertips

Top Boutique Executive Search Firm

With the unemployment rate at record lows, attracting, and hiring the right candidates requires a consistent creative effort across orgs. The top boutique executive search firms know that creativity, and resourcefulness is a true ally in the current labor market.

There are several strategies that have proven effective that we’ve explored across various articles. There is one strategy, however, that can yield exponential results when leveraged properly.

The Dead File is what we call the amalgamation of countless resumes that exist in your applicant tracking system. Many are of candidates that were never called, viewed or acknowledged beyond moving forward with other candidate’s email. Others are professionals that completed the first round of interviews, maybe even the final round, but the stars didn’t align.

And yet there are those candidates that didn’t have the experience or credentials needed for the role they applied to at the time. Your Applicant Tracking System can potentially house your greatest future employees, but you would not know it. These candidates have to be proactively sourced, and be presented the value added proposition of that role they could be a great fit for. Do your recruiters work the dead file?

How often do you reach out to candidates in your ATS? Do you have a company newsletter that keeps candidates abreast of your organization’s milestones, accomplishments and plans for the future? What does your nurture email marketing strategy look like? If you are only reaching out to candidates in your database when there is an opportunity, you are missing the point.

Let me be more clear, candidates in your database or either potential hires or customers. If your organization is not at the very least sending a monthly newsletter out you are not leveraging this amazing tool to its fullest potential.

Some of the things you can consider sharing include

  •  Personalized content based on the recipient's preferences behavior,

  • Interactive elements such as quizzes or polls 

  • Exclusive offers or discounts to incentivize further engagement,

  • Educational resources or guides related to the company's products, services

  • Success stories or case studies showcasing how other customers have benefited from the company's offerings

  • Opportunities for feedback or input to make the recipient feel valued and heard. 

Additionally, incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, infographics, or podcasts can help make the reach out more visually appealing and engaging for recipients.

To help your internal recruiters, you can provide templates, a multimedia library with interesting mixed media which includes video snippets, GIFs, documentary styled content, FAQs, Testimonials,Events, and more.

By taking these proactive steps, your dead file will become more engaged with your organization. In turn, when they are in the market for a new opportunity or a service/product you provide, they will be more inclined to buy from you. When people like a company, they are also more inclined to refer, and recommend to friends, family, and colleagues. It’s a definite win all the way around.

About Recruiting Awesome. We are a top rated boutique executive search firm with a hyper focus on confidential and discreet search services globally. We bring a highly personalized touch to your leadership engagements. We network with fresh visionaries, and our projects are never outsourced. You partner with one key contact for the entirety of your search.

We welcome assisting you with your internal leadership opportunities. Do not hesitate in reaching out here. Some of the greatest breakthroughs happen in times like these. If your organization wants to hire results oriented compassionate leaders then our search firm is for you. If you are a leader passively entertaining new opportunities, feel free connect with us. We would love to hear from you.. Let's start this exciting journey together.


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