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The Hidden Talent

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Talent acquisition is still a bit of a sour note for many companies. The hunt for great talent is on, but how can you find the unicorns?

One way is by looking at talent from companies that are not your big direct competitors, but in a simpatico vertical. By exploring talent from companies in a simpatico vertical, businesses can tap into a pool of potential candidates who possess relevant skills and industry knowledge. While direct competitors may have similar talent pools, looking beyond them opens up new avenues for finding those elusive diamonds in the rubble.

Companies operating in a simpatico vertical share certain similarities, such as target markets, customer segments, or complementary products/services. This alignment allows for the transferability of skills and expertise between industries. By considering talent from these companies, organizations can benefit from fresh perspectives and diverse experiences that might not be readily available within their own industry.

Moreover, candidates from simpatico verticals bring with them unique insights and innovative ideas that can help drive creativity and problem-solving within the hiring company. They may have encountered similar challenges or opportunities in their previous roles, enabling them to offer valuable solutions or strategies that others might overlook.

If you are in an oversaturated industry like tech and banking, targeting candidates that are from your top competitors is what all your competitors are doing too.

You increase the probability of success when you take an alternate approach like recruiting candidates from simpatico verticals or from adjacent smaller companies.

This will also help curb elitism, and bias during the recruitment process.

By targeting candidates from simpatico verticals or adjacent smaller companies, you open up a whole new pool of talent that may possess unique perspectives and skills. These individuals might not have been on your competitors' radar, giving you a competitive advantage in acquiring top talent.

Recruiting from simpatico verticals allows you to tap into industries that share similar values, goals, or customer bases with your own. For example, if you are a tech company specializing in e-commerce solutions, considering candidates from the retail industry could bring valuable insights into consumer behavior and trends. This cross-pollination of ideas can foster innovation and help your organization stay ahead of the curve.

Similarly, targeting candidates from adjacent smaller companies can be beneficial. These individuals may have worked in more agile environments where they had to wear multiple hats and take on diverse responsibilities. Their adaptability and resourcefulness can bring fresh perspectives to your organization, helping it become more dynamic and flexible.

Overall you open up your talent acquisition strategy when you recruit candidates that have great experience, and skills from outlying companies. Hiring non cookie cutter candidates helps break up silos, and introduces innovative thinking that can help your company remain fresh, and competitive.


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