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Strategies for Using Alumni Associations in Recruiting Efforts

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It's interesting how despite our vast advancements in recruitment technology, some old tools and tricks of the trade sometimes work more effectively when hunting for seasoned top tier talent, and promising upstarts. Case in point are the Alumni associations. The network  of grads play a crucial role in the recruitment efforts of organizations around the world. 

Leveraging the vast network of alumni can provide a powerful advantage in attracting top talent, fostering mentorship opportunities, and increasing referrals. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which alumni associations serve as effective recruiting tools, from building strong networks to measuring their impact on recruitment strategies. By understanding the importance of alumni engagement in recruitment, organizations can harness the potential of their alumni communities to enhance their talent acquisition efforts and strengthen their workforce.

When it comes to recruiting, one size does not fit all. Tailoring your recruitment campaigns to target specific alumni groups can yield better results and ensure that you're reaching the right candidates with the right message. Many look to Alumni associations for recent grads, but we’ve found them helpful for filling executive level roles. It is common for successful grads to stay logged in with their alma mater as success stories drive fundraising and generate interest among hopeful candidates.

One of the effective ways of leveraging alumni associations is through the alumni referral programs, which can be a powerful tool for recruiting top talent. Encouraging alumni to refer candidates from their professional networks leverages their connection to the university and helps identify candidates who are likely to be a good fit for the organization.

Make it worth their while. Alumni can be busy with their own careers. If it is a high priority role, why not incentivize alumni to refer candidates, offering rewards such as monetary bonuses, gift cards, or exclusive alumni events can be effective. Recognizing and rewarding alumni for successful referrals not only boosts alumni engagement but also strengthens the relationship between the university and its graduates.

Consider sponsoring one of their networking events. Some Alumni associations have monthly mixers. In some cases, you can guest speak at one of the events, and share insights into your journey, and the opportunities at your organization. The idea is not to present an infomercial, but to talk about a success oriented topic while generating potential interest in you and the company. I’ve found this strategy works best at the executive level and or other leadership type roles.

You may want to look into advertising high priority roles in alumni association’s newsletters or directories. We like to connect with tenured professors as they have contact with their successful past students and can make an introduction, if the opportunity is compelling enough.

All in all, we’ve found alumni associations to be among the best sources of highly targeted passive candidates for prioritized executive level roles. 

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