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6 Ways Companies Show Kindness

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Admired companies often share several key qualities that contribute to their success and reputation. They prioritize customer satisfaction and consistently deliver high-quality products or services that exceed customer expectations.

They also value transparency and strong leadership which in turn fosters a positive corporate culture that emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and employee empowerment. Additionally, admired companies prioritize social responsibility by implementing sustainable practices, supporting philanthropic causes, and contributing to their communities.

Companies that show care to their employees, customers and communities build trust through integrity and ethical behavior.

Usually, they are also committed to continuously improving working conditions, and life. All of the values mentioned shape the way companies show up in the public eye and in the hearts of their employees, and customers.

Over 70% of Americans see social responsibility as a corporate value, and hold companies responsible when they do not do the right thing. They are also more inclined to patronage, and purchase from brands seen as ethical and philanthropic. We were delighted to see a wide variety of companies from small and locally owned to Fortune 500 organizations that are showing care and making a difference.

Here are a few examples of the generous gestures and some of our own suggestions to help create a culture that prioritizes kindness.


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It makes sense to start with a company whose title embodies much of what we are sharing in this article. The KIND company is a renowned brand that prides itself on promoting kindness through their range of healthy snacks and social initiatives. Established in 2004, their mission is to create products that are both nutritious and delicious, while also making a positive impact on people's lives.

By prioritizing quality ingredients such as whole nuts, fruits, and grains without any artificial flavors or preservatives, they ensure that customers can nourish their bodies without compromising on taste. Moreover, KIND advocates for kindness by actively engaging in charitable acts.

1- How does KIND show kindness?

They have launched several programs like the KIND Movement which encourages individuals to perform random acts of kindness within their communities and rewards them with tools to spread kindness further. Additionally, KIND supports causes related to mental health and children's education through partnerships with organizations like NAMI and PeacePlayers International. Through their food choices and philanthropic efforts, the KIND company goes above and beyond mere business to cultivate a culture of compassion and empathy.


Korn Ferry, 80twenty ,boutique executive search, precision executive search, PWC, Delloitte, Force Brands, I-recruit, Egon Zehnder. Heidrick & Struggles. Korn Ferry. Neumann International. PageGroup. R. William Funk & Associates.. Rosenzweig & Company.,

Microprocessors and Intel are synonymous as they are the leaders in the field. The company provides microprocessors for Dell, HP, Lenovo and Mac pre Apple Silicon. Back in 2014, the organization made a decision to only source materials from suppliers that are in non Conflict Affected High Risk Areas (CAHRA). What this means is that Intel will not source minerals from countries that are known for human rights violations, armed conflict and widespread violence among many other threats to humanity.

2-How does Intel show kindness?

Great companies are comprised of great people, and benefits that help employees stay great is a wonderful thing. Intel shows their kindness by flipping the bill on health insurance with an astounding zero premium. The organization also allocates Mental Wellness Days as part of their experiential benefits package. One of our favorite Intel benefits is there paid sabbaticals. 8 weeks every 7 years, or 4 weeks every 4 years. Now that's kindness!

USB (Ulster Savings Bank)

Korn Ferry, 80twenty ,boutique executive search, precision executive search, PWC, Delloitte, Force Brands, I-recruit, Egon Zehnder. Heidrick & Struggles. Korn Ferry. Neumann International. PageGroup. R. William Funk & Associates.. Rosenzweig & Company.,

Located in upstate New York's Hudson Valley, USB celebrated its 170th anniversary in 2021 by performing 170 random acts of kindness. This initiative aimed to spread kindness and support the community, especially after a challenging year.

3-How does USB show kindness?

Through their 170 Random Acts of Kindness campaign, USB gave several bank business clients donations to pay forward to their struggling customers. USB's commitment to performing random acts of kindness showcases their dedication to making a positive impact on their community and supporting their customers1.

These acts of kindness not only demonstrate USB's compassion but also contribute to fostering a sense of community and connection among their customers and the broader community.

The amazing return on investment for companies that incorporate kindness into their culture makes it well worth the effort. The great news is it is never too late to prioritize kindness within your organization. Here are some suggestions that can be implemented expeditiously.

How Companies Can Show Kindness

4-Flexible Work Schedule: Companies can show kindness to employees by allowing for a flexible work schedule. This could involve offering flexible start and end times, remote work options, or compressed workweeks. Flexibility can help employees better balance their work and personal commitments, reducing stress and improving overall well-being.

5-Employee Wellness Programs: Implementing wellness programs can demonstrate kindness towards employees' physical and mental well-being. These programs can include initiatives such as providing access to gym facilities or fitness classes, offering mental health resources, organizing stress management workshops, or promoting work-life balance through mindfulness activities or employee assistance programs.

6-Recognition and Appreciation: Companies can show kindness by recognizing and appreciating their employees' hard work and achievements. This can be done through various means, such as verbal or written recognition, employee appreciation events, performance-based rewards or bonuses, or even just a simple thank-you note. Feeling valued and appreciated enhances employee morale and fosters a positive work environment.

And let's not place the onus solely on our employers, and brands.

We also can do our part as employees, and consumers to share the kindness. Here are some thoughts.

How Employees Show Kindness

Share Positivity: Create a positive and uplifting atmosphere by bringing positivity into your interactions and conversations. Offer encouragement, provide constructive feedback, and focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness: Engage in small acts of kindness, such as holding the door for someone, offering to make a coffee run, or taking the time to check in on a colleague. These small gestures can make a big difference in someone's day and contribute to a positive workplace culture.

Be Respectful: Treat your colleagues with respect and kindness, regardless of their position or role. Show appreciation for their contributions, listen actively, value their opinions, and avoid disruptive or negative behaviors.

How Consumers Show Kindness

Provide Positive Feedback: Share your positive experiences with the brand by leaving positive reviews, testimonials, or engaging with their social media channels. This feedback not only boosts the brand's reputation but also encourages them to continue providing excellent products or services.

Engage Constructively: If you have feedback or concerns, express them in a constructive and considerate manner. Reach out to the brand or company through customer service channels, social media platforms, or feedback forms. Offering constructive criticism allows them to improve their products or services and demonstrates your commitment to their success.

Refer and Recommend: If you have a positive experience with a brand, share it with your friends, family, or colleagues. Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful and can help businesses grow. By referring or recommending a brand, you show kindness by promoting their products or services to others.

By implementing these suggestions companies, employees, and consumers can all contribute to sharing kindness and in turn making the world a better place for all.


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