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Leadership Recruitment-Be Resourceful

Leadership is a crucial skill that is essential in the workplace. Every team needs someone who will inspire and motivate others to achieve a common goal. It might be a challenge to attract professionals with demonstrated skill and also raw talent ready to be developed and harnessed. It is time to get a little creative with your approach in order to find the needle in the haystack so to speak.

Firstly, do your recruiters have a list of comparable companies to source from? This might be a great start, but you should also keep tabs on startups, and solopreneurs for possible finds. We’ve found that smaller companies task Leaders with more work exponentially, and therefore your next hire will know more than required and can emerge as a Leader within the organization.

What companies are laying off professionals? Is there a company in your industry that had a tough quarter or that lost a major client? These are  all opportunities to engage with stellar candidates that are probably starting to reevaluate their future within the company. 

Another potentially advantageous angle is when there is a leadership shakeup at a company. If a manager, department head or executive has exited it can create a bit of uncertainty within the organization and especially within the direct team. It is worth having a conversation and or keeping the communication lines open. 

Reaching out, and sharing information in an informal and friendly way can let the future candidate know that they can reach out to you confidentially. Being the go-to for a stellar candidate is never a bad thing. When recruiting leadership talent, playing the long game is key. 

We often have candidates lead us to other candidates because they trust us. The best Headhunters are forensic detectives. They scrutinize CVs and look for the common thread. If you are paying attention, you’ll find opportunities to engage. We’ll talk more about this in our next blog post. 

Just remember that the very best candidates are not always obvious. You have to go beyond the title, degree and company and look at the actual work they are doing and the traits they possess. Some candidates are looking for their next challenge. Is your organization ready for them?

About Recruiting Awesome. Our clients have top rated our boutique executive search firm due to our highly personalized touch, and discretion.We network with fresh engaged visionaries, and partner with you on discovering the best people for your organization.

We welcome in assisting you on your internal leadership opportunities. Do not hesitate in reaching out here. Some of the greatest breakthroughs happen in times like these. If your organization wants to hire results oriented compassionate leaders then our search firm is for you. If you are a leader passively entertaining new opportunities, feel free to connect with us. We would love to hear from you.. Let's start this exciting journey together.


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