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Remote Workers Are Happier

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Recent research points to remote workers feeling more positive than their onsite counterparts

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Recent studies show that remote workers are happier than onsite workers

One of the most useful and crucial skills in leadership is adaptability. Being able to pivot in relevant, and meaningful ways for the betterment of the brand, and society is of critical importance for the longterm success of the organization. Certainly, when we reflect on the pandemic, and economic slump, it is clear that the unfortunate events impelled a renaissance in thought. A quest of sorts to look at work, and life in general from a different lens. Truly we had to come to terms with what is really important, faced with our own mortality, many of us realized that the way we approached work, and life had to change.

Now that the dust has settled, we are seeing an inexplicable push by a few towards full onsite work. There have been several articles

that are not highlighting positive information in recent research that clearly points to the overall increase in happiness and hopefulness of remote workers when contrasted with onsite employees. In Gallup's 2023 State of the Global Workplace Report shows that currently autonomy and flexibility are highly favored in the workplace.

As the report rightly asserts, onsite work does not have a magic wand that makes employees more productive, and management more effective. Great managers and a positive corporate culture are the foundational must haves that underpin productivity regardless of location.

According to the Gallup report 35% of remote workers in North America feel they are thriving as opposed to 27% of onsite employees. Additionally, The Global Work Life Survey found that 65% of remote workers report feeling very satisfied with their jobs as opposed to 34% of onsite workers.

Organizations cannot force professionals to work onsite. Your employees will just quietly quit. Improving engagement and strengthening bonds between employees and the organization has everything to do with the culture, and front line managers. A new set of strengths are needed to manage post pandemic teams centered around communication, and intentional relatedness. The same old pre pandemic approach is a lesson in futilism.

The reason why it's not work as usual is because the world is not the same for most of us. We've experienced loss at different levels during the pandemic including the loss of loved ones. Some of our beliefs concerning the meaning of life, and our respective legacy also changed. COVID19 marked us all to some extent, and that is why it will never be work as usual again..

A fresh approach that also incorporates empathy, and self care is what is needed. Nurturing employee happiness is crucial for any organization striving for success. Firstly, happy employees are more productive. When employees feel valued and content, they are motivated to go above and beyond expectations in their work. This increased productivity directly impacts the company's bottom line, leading to higher profits and growth.

Secondly, happy employees are more likely to stay with the organization long-term. Employee retention is essential as it reduces recruitment and training costs while retaining valuable knowledge and skills within the company.

Furthermore, a happy workforce fosters a positive work environment. When employees feel satisfied and fulfilled in their roles, they are more likely to have good relationships with colleagues, communicate effectively, and collaborate efficiently towards common goals.

A positive work environment not only improves employee morale but also enhances teamwork and overall performance. Additionally, nurturing employee happiness boosts customer satisfaction. Happy employees are brand ambassadors for the organization and share their experiences across social media and review sites like Glassdoor.

It was disheartening to see respected and admired companies fall in rank from The Best Places To Work list due to a decrease in confidence after the massive layoffs. But it is never too late to prioritize your employees, and with a couple of adjustments trust can rise again.

Lastly, fostering employee happiness enhances an organization's reputation as an employer of choice. A positive workplace culture attracts top talent and helps recruit highly skilled individuals who can contribute significantly to the company's success. Happy employees matter and can be a tremendous asset to the company. Making sure that remote, and hybrid work is an option will go a long way in cultivating a culture of happiness at your organization.


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