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The Future of Office Culture: Can Anything Bring Workers Back?

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

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(WFA) Work From Anywhere

Can anything bring workers back fully? The short answer is no. Several surveys, and data are available that make it very clear workers are prioritizing their quality of life. What that translates into is choosing to work from home even, if it means not getting a promotion or earning less. For Millenials especially, remote work is not a nicety it is a normative.

Further exacerbating the situation is the fact that companies that require onsite work are facing talent acquisition challenges. It's interesting that some companies have decided to double down on their efforts to force workers to come back onsite like Amazon by telling managers they can fire workers that do not comply.

Fortunately, the majority of organizations have taken a more proactive and even creative route in attracting workers back onsite.

Bay Area based Expensify comes to mind. They had a very attractive perk for workers that wanted to unwind, and have a delicious cocktail in the employee lounge onsite. At the end of a six month trial run, it was clear that the employees did not want to work onsite despite the lavish drink perk..

Other companies offer free produce, Pickleball, free clothing, and a stipend for pregnant spouses among many other services, and benefits. Electric Works offered chutes as a fun way to travel from floor to floor. Some of our clients have decided to upgrade benefits AND offer flexible working opportunities. These companies make our job a joy as candidates are attracted to companies that prioritize employees.

Studies show that remote workers are happier, but there are also exponential benefits for the companies that offer remote work opportunities. We've shared previously how providing flexible

work opportunities helps attract top candidates to the organization.

It can also open up the qualified candidate pool because geographic location is not a consideration.

(WFA) Work From Anywhere is definitely a culture or way of life that many feel passionate about, and provides quantifiable advantages to organizations. Operating costs decrease as rental office space, utilities, office equipment, and property maintenance fees are reduced or go away all together potentially increasing profitability for the company.

Absenteeism is reduced as employees are less likely to call off when working remotely. All of the benefits mentioned are fantastic, but the most important result of remote work is happier employees. When workers are happy, they are loyal and engaged. Positive employees are brand ambassadors and facilitate great experiences for your customers and clients. These are all win-win game changers for your organization. Why would anyone want to force people to work onsite when they don't want to?

The future of office culture is remote, technologically advanced, collaborative, and flexible. Staying connected through video, text, forums, and message boards as well as offsite syncs for special events, training, and fun can heighten momentum. Not to mention the goodwill that a company creates when they prioritize work life balance.

The proverbial writing is on the wall. Understand that there will always be a contagion of workers that prefer onsite work for the social benefits, a break from the family, promotion visibility among many other considerations. But remote work continues to grow especially (WFA) Work From Anywhere, and companies that want to remain competitive, and attractive fare better when they incorporate flexibility into their work structure.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them
Albert Einstein

Creating a positive remote work culture, starts with hiring great people that embrace technology, ideation, and empathy. We are not going back to the pre pandemic modus operandi, and leadership should solicit, and encourage new ideas on how to successfully incorporate (WFA) in your respective organizations.

These past couple of years have taught us that you are never too big to fail, and complacency can expedite a downfall, but great companies that care about people rebound. These great companies understand that their success is intrinsically tied to the happiness and satisfaction of their employees.

This is a learning phase as it is a much different world for many. Opening up communications for all to safely participate, and share is a great start. This means creating an environment where everyone feels safe to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas without fear of retribution or judgment. We are stronger together is not just a buzz phrase it is the truth as tapping into the collective intelligence of your employees will spur innovation and facilitate new heights in product, services, and overall achievement.

Learning, and growing together makes for a solid organizational foundation that can navigate any unexpected headwinds with enduring tenacity. The future of office culture is here, and is crushing socio, economic, geo, and cultural barriers. Embrace the Work From Anywhere mindset and your company will inspire everyone, and be seen, heard, and felt everywhere.


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